Frizz Kid Art FAQ

1. What is the process of getting artwork commissioned?

You reach out to me, tell me what you want, and I give you an estimate! If you’re cool with that, we go over some details together to make sure you’re going to get exactly what you want, and you pay half of the fee upfront, and the other half when you receive your piece.

Generally, commissions are to receive custom digital art. But if you want a print, there’s an extra printing fee. If you want an original piece on paper (not digital), that’s cool too! And if you want a painting, we can talk about that too, though there may be some additional shipping costs related to that.

2. What do you use to make most of your art?

Most of my artwork is digital. I use an iPad and stylus pen to create work on the app Procreate. That being said, I still like to go analogue from time to time and produce work the old fashioned way, pen and marker and paper!

3. What kind of workshops do you do?

The workshop I’ve done the most is an affirmation arts workshop, which guides participants through simple art exercises and brainstorming with the end goal of creating their own piece of affirmation artwork. It’s meant to be a low pressure, stress-releasing environment, where no artistic experience is needed. Some of these affirmation workshops have been based with specific themes/intents in mind (for example, I’ve done many survivor-centric workshops that are specifically for survivors/victims of sexual violence). I also love doing poetry and writing workshops.

4. What is your second favourite dinosaur?

That’s a great question. It’s a velociraptor. If you would like to know my first favourite dinosaur, you’ll have to get to know me.

5. How can I support you as an artist?

You can do a multitude of things. There is, of course, buying my artwork from my online shop. But you can also support me on Patreon, for as little at $1 a month. Alternatively, if you don’t have the financial means to support me monetarily, you can always repost my art with credit, like, and comment on it!

6. I want to commission art from you, but I’m worried I don’t have enough money. What should I do?

Let me know what your budget is. I understand that people have financial constraints in their life, but still deserve to have their own cool custom art. I like to provide sliding scale options for folks who are struggling. If you are a BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+ and/or disabled, mad/neurodivergent person and/or a sex worker who has a limited budget, please let me know especially. I want to make sure you can get great art!

7. Can I get a tattoo of your existing work?

Yes! But please message me first and let me know. And if you can, consider making a donation to me as a thank you!

8. Do you believe in demons?

Yes. I think there is a demon in my butt.