About Frizz Kid Art

Hana with her second book
Hana Shafi holds her second book like a baby

I'm Frizz Kid!

I'm an illustrator and writer based in Toronto, and most folks know me for my weekly affirmation series and other badass illustrations. It's been a labour of love since March 2016, when I created the first affirmation image to try and give people a single moment of solace and understanding in their day. Since then, I've created over 175+ affirmations, I've had my debut book of poetry and illustration published and in stores, and made a bunch of other silly illustrations with dinosaurs and flowers and all that neat stuff.

Bringing that stuff to all of you weekly is, more often than not, unpaid work that I take upon myself. Help support me so I can continue making empowering, feminist, take-no-shit, healing artwork!