Hey! I'm Hana, a.k.a Frizz Kid

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Hana With Butterfly Clips

Writer & Artist

My work explores themes such as feminism, body politics, racism, and pop culture. My first book, It Begins with the Body, was listed by CBC as one of the Best Poetry Books of 2018. My second book, Small, Broke and Kind of Dirty came out in September of 2020!

Hana Holds up her two boos

Praise for Small, Broke and Kind of Dirty


Frizzy Kid News

Pattern Art Print

My pattern series is the newest series I’ve been working on. It started as a way to do a therapeutic freehand drawing during the mind-numbingly boring pandemic isolation that so many of us have been dealing with. The process has been so delightful, and it’s a way for me to channel some of my other interests into art—like witchcraft, herbs, and my love of making tea blends. The patterns all use witchy-related imagery—vines, moon phases, potion bottles, and more.

Welcome to Frizz Kid Art!

Welcome to my site! I’m so thrilled to finally have an online space that is all my own, that is colourful and fun and filled with goodies to peruse.